Welcome to Harms Consulting

Our primary goal is delivering value through long-term client partnerships.

We deliver strategic input and develop roadmaps for innovation and productivity gains.

Harms Consulting is acknowledged throughout the Australian SAP community as the premier SAP Real Estate Management specialist.

Though we are passionate about developing groundbreaking solutions to meet the business needs of our SAP RE/FX clients, this is only one of our core competencies.

The Harms Consulting team of managers and consultants deliver innovative solutions to meet client needs. We understand it requires a mix of deep technical knowledge, best practice business optimisation skills, a clear business strategy, as well as time and resources to maximise a clients' investment in SAP.

Our achievements are driven by our company culture and values; those we find the most rewarding are our robust customer references, our high staff retention rate and our track record of groundbreaking solutions and successful projects.