Corporate Values

As a values based Professional Services consultancy, we have a clear framework for designing our structures and processes, creating ownership and a collaborative culture in order to position Harms to compete successfully in a dynamic and evolving marketplace.

The concept of a values based organisation for us rests on the simple premise; our success is built on a foundation of quality relationships and quality corporate dialogue.

At Harms, we believe, values are the heart of what human conversation is about and we understand from years of experience that the quality of our team is reflected in the quality of their conversation.

Our values are:

Excellence | Partnership | Openness | Innovation | Integrity | Clarity

Our values guide us in:

Our Vision | Future dreams and direction
Our Strategies | Roadmap to achieve our vision
Our Deliverables | Creation of customer value
Harms values are unambiguous and provide the value framework for all our internal and external communication and relationship building. They also provide guidance in our quest for excellence and the development of cutting edge solutions.

Our values are the philosophical bedrock that the Harms brand is built on and unquestionably differentiates us from our competitors.

The actions of our team speak much louder than the six written words.