We excel at running SAP on AWS. Our experience with SAP on the AWS cloud includes the following services:

  • SAP Migration to AWS - "lift and shift"
  • SAP as a Managed Service - "one stop shop"
  • SAP Hybrid Deployments - "best of both worlds"
  • SAP Proof of Concepts - "explore new worlds"
  • SAP Rapid Prototyping
  • SAP High Availability
  • SAP Disaster Recovery
  • SAP HANA Performance Systems

Harms Consulting completed its first lift and shift migration of SAP onto AWS cloud in 2014. Our AWS certified consultants plan, execute and continue to successfully manage SAP landscapes on AWS. Our growth into the SAP HANA space has delivered results that impress our clients.

Please contact us to discuss how you can use the cloud to directly reduce the cost of your growth.